What We Do

Convenience shouldn't mean making a sacrifice. In today’s world, we don’t believe you should have to compromise healthy eating habits due to a busy schedule.

It's why our grab-and-go food options ensure that convenience and eating well are not mutually exclusive.
It's something we call Health-venience®

There’s never been a word to describe what we believe — that eating well and convenience shouldn’t be at odds — so we had to make one up…


It’s the only way to describe our entire range of grab-and-go options. Each ready-to-eat item adheres to a simple, healthy promise to bridge the gap between convenience and healthy eating.

The Blacklist®

The quality and integrity of our products is important to us, which is why we have created The Blacklist® — a list of ingredients we deem unacceptable and that you will never find in any Lifestyle Foods product.

Your meal at a glance

With one quick look, our symbol system shows you the most important information about each of our products including the Calorie Count and relevant nutritional benefits!

What sets us apart

Extended Shelf Life

Our proprietary process extends shelf life and preserves quality while reducing waste.

Quality Ingredients

We use only the cleanest and highest quality ingredients, choosing reduced sodium, reduced fat options and avoiding ingredients like corn syrup.

The Lifestyle Look

Our thoughtful packaging showcases our quality ingredients, giving our offerings the premium look and feel they deserve.